Stunned Silence

There isn't much left to say when bad news hits. You sit there in a steal motion freeze waiting and hoping for words to come. But, your mind is empty and your heart is swallowing itself. You breathe in and then out because that is about all you can do. You function. Keep moving because … Continue reading Stunned Silence

Sayonara Chemo

Alright, breathe in, chest back, shoulders up... and breathe out. Repeat, several times. Do you feel that? The ultimate sigh of relief. I know I do. I feel like I have been holding my breath for the last 20 weeks. Mom, told me back in March about her diagnosis and ever since then it has … Continue reading Sayonara Chemo

Going through the big “C” and I don’t mean Chlamydia

Finally.  David and I are starting to feel better. It started off as a headache that wouldn't quit, then the sore throat, the undying cough, nasal congestion, and for me an ear ache that hurt so bad I actually took a pain leftover from my previous surgery. Goodness.  I have been hibernating in the dank, … Continue reading Going through the big “C” and I don’t mean Chlamydia