HUNTED: Chapter Five

“Stay,” He whispered in my ear as he started unbuttoning the cardigan for me. It was intimate and he never acted that way around me before. 

HUNTED: Chapter Four

He sighs, not out of frustration, but something else. Finn removes his hand from my knee and I shiver. His touch left me warm and now I felt freezer-burnt. He sucks in his bottom lip, nibbles it slightly, and then lets it free again. “We have reason to believe that the attack on you and Juliet wasn’t random, but planned.” He says. 

No Sooner and Not Soon Enough

I am found once, twice, and once more Until I disappear,disappoint, and falter Eager to ignite a spark, a fire, rich and pure Open my heart, paranoid, and bleedout  Spent like a bill, always yours, forevermore  My eyes shut, uncoiled, and cold Death can come no sooner