Goodbye 2015…You were good to me

Every year on the first I feel sad. I am not sure why because it is usually a time of happy and new beginnings. I guess I begin to question my life and really ponder the impact I made in the year past. Did I make a difference in someones life? Did I fail? Did … Continue reading Goodbye 2015…You were good to me

A Christmas Eve Surprise 

Well, I was obviously tired last night. I re-read yesterday's post and there are so many typos that if you were able to read through it I'll applaud you.  Thank you to everyone who congradulated us we are excited. It is definitely a fun time and rather intense Christmas gift to ourselves. This morning David … Continue reading A Christmas Eve Surprise 


Right after my first year in college I  spent a lot of time traveling. I needed to get away from life and discover new exciting things. I first flew to St. Croix USVI where I spent a full forty days surrounded by the Caribbean culture. Shortly after that I drove around Montana, Idaho, and Washington, … Continue reading Go!