Hallow’s Eve My Darlings.

Ahh! A fresh new week and what's in store for us? Spooky things that's for sure!  Ok, pardon the cheese fest but I simply could not resist for Hallow's Eve is near. In one weeks time the goblins and the ghouls will be out to play.  Though we have romantasized the creepy creatures of the … Continue reading Hallow’s Eve My Darlings.

February 4th 2010 The Death Of My First Love

Like a troubled violin my heart plays a sad song I lie on my wired stiff mattress And I stare Walls begin to turn blue Black dots appear My eyes begin to burn I haven’t moved in hours Headphones blare in my ears Nothing feels like anything anymore Jagged edges, hollow holes Numb, bleak I … Continue reading February 4th 2010 The Death Of My First Love