HUNTED: Chapter Five

“Stay,” He whispered in my ear as he started unbuttoning the cardigan for me. It was intimate and he never acted that way around me before. 

HUNTED: Chapter Four

He sighs, not out of frustration, but something else. Finn removes his hand from my knee and I shiver. His touch left me warm and now I felt freezer-burnt. He sucks in his bottom lip, nibbles it slightly, and then lets it free again. “We have reason to believe that the attack on you and Juliet wasn’t random, but planned.” He says. 

HUNTED: Chapter Three

The knife in question was left inside Juliet’s body, a disgusting act of violation. We know now that the knife was a gift given to Lennox from her father. We also know that the DNA left of the knife belongs to the fucker who did this. The question I keep going back to is, why he would switch to a knife, especially one that belonged to Lennox? 

Discovering Wonderland (Chapter 12)

“Why do you have those anyway?” Ophelia asked wrapping up my third grade portrait. My mother had all of my formative years plastered on the wall. My only-child status was obvious. I could tell Ophelia was restraining from commenting on every photo she wrapped. The amusement on her face was apparent. 

“My dad was terrified of clowns so my mom kept collecting them so that he would get over his fear. She figured if he saw them on a daily basis he would become so used to them that his Coulrophobia would fade away. 

“And did it?” 

Discovering Wonderland (Chapter 11)

“Don’t tell me you love me,” I finally said. 

“Why not?” He looked hurt.

“Because I am not a good person.” He was on top of me so it was hard to look away from him even though I wanted to.  

“Ophelia Mae Micheals, I love you,” He said anyway.

“I told you not to say that,” tears were in my eyes. 

“You can’t tell me how to feel.” He said kissing the tip of my nose.  

“Those words should be protected and saved for someone you truly love,” A lone tear leaked into my ear. I hated myself more then I ever have at this particular moment. 

Discovering Wonderland (Chapter 10)

“Steven…Steven…” I said giving him a firm shove. 

“Don’t worry it’s way to crowded in here for people to notice.” He said raising the hand that was by my bra line to cup my breast. His lips were below my ear and sucking. 

“Steven! Not here ok?” I said firmer and giving him another push. After what happened last night with Archer all of this suddenly felt so wrong. But it wasn’t like I could tell him I kissed another guy. Not only that but I wasn’t even sure how to feel about anything right now, let alone my relationship with Steven. Archer didn’t want date me. He made that clear. So should I date Steven even though I had stronger feelings for someone else? Someone I could never have? Where did that leave me? I really liked Steven but did that mean I should stay with him and let it play out or did I move on? But move on to who? Honestly, I felt so confused and conflicted.