HUNTED: Chapter Two

Get caught up before diving into chapter two: Hunted: Prologue HUNTED: Chapter One Two.  Lennox Rose:   Beep. Tap-tap. Snore? Beep. Click-Click. My eyes flutter open. I am in a dark room, lit by a small yellow light under a door to my left, and the moon glow from the window to my right. I … Continue reading HUNTED: Chapter Two

HUNTED: Chapter One

Take the time to catch up: ---> Hunted: Prologue WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE One.  Officer Finn Holland: I inhale a sharp intake of breath. It is negative thirty degrees outside but I only know this because my watch says so. The cold is briery and the snow is deep, nearly thigh high. Unfortunately, the blizzard hasn’t … Continue reading HUNTED: Chapter One

Discovering Wonderland (Chapter 11)

“Don’t tell me you love me,” I finally said. 

“Why not?” He looked hurt.

“Because I am not a good person.” He was on top of me so it was hard to look away from him even though I wanted to.  

“Ophelia Mae Micheals, I love you,” He said anyway.

“I told you not to say that,” tears were in my eyes. 

“You can’t tell me how to feel.” He said kissing the tip of my nose.  

“Those words should be protected and saved for someone you truly love,” A lone tear leaked into my ear. I hated myself more then I ever have at this particular moment. 

Discovering Wonderland (Chapter 3-5)

As if we were always meant to meet. 

As if I born to find her. 

I had never been one to believe in love and first sight because it all sounded like over-the-top rubbish. Attraction at first sight, maybe, but love? No way. 

Ophelia had only just left the room yet my fingers trembled and my body shuttered as if it ached for her to be near. 

It was crazy and unethical but my heart was slowly becoming hers, undeniably and uncontrollably.