Ballads & Love Songs From The Past, Present, and Future 

As per the Sunday usual I am going to post a playlist. I will say that this week I have been enjoying the start of my free three-month trial with Apple Music. I am still up in the air with how I feel about it. On one hand... Music downloads everywhere! On the other hand... … Continue reading Ballads & Love Songs From The Past, Present, and Future 

Playlist 06.21.15 (Our Wedding Songs)

Awe, like I said yesterday David and are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary over the next couple of days and my next few posts will be about our wedding... On Sundays I usually post a playlist and I figured it was only fitting that I posted the songs that played on our wedding day … Continue reading Playlist 06.21.15 (Our Wedding Songs)


People are addictive by nature, some more then others but culturally we are an addictive group. I am talking about more then narcotic abuse. We are addicted to food, exercise, sports, work, perfection, sex, gambling, internet, Facebook, shopping, video games, adrenaline rushes...I could go all day because the list goes on and on. Whether we realize … Continue reading Addiction