Cooking With Cast Iron

I recently made the decision to start consulting with Pampered Chef. I choose to do this because it was a great way to earn a little extra income, which goes into our savings account for when we move back to Washington. Additionally I choose to start a Pampered Chef business because I love their products … Continue reading Cooking With Cast Iron

February 4th 2010 The Death Of My First Love

Like a troubled violin my heart plays a sad song I lie on my wired stiff mattress And I stare Walls begin to turn blue Black dots appear My eyes begin to burn I haven’t moved in hours Headphones blare in my ears Nothing feels like anything anymore Jagged edges, hollow holes Numb, bleak I … Continue reading February 4th 2010 The Death Of My First Love


People are addictive by nature, some more then others but culturally we are an addictive group. I am talking about more then narcotic abuse. We are addicted to food, exercise, sports, work, perfection, sex, gambling, internet, Facebook, shopping, video games, adrenaline rushes...I could go all day because the list goes on and on. Whether we realize … Continue reading Addiction


"I wonder from time to weather or not my life would have been different if I hadn’t met you. If I walked right passed you that first night…there are so many ifs. There are so many variables... But I didn't I found you. I met you. And I fell in love." ~Author Unknown ~