My Car Died & I Went To Pizza Heaven (A Date Night To Remember)

On our way to our much needed and overdo date night! We cranked up the new song Locked Away by R. City ft. Adam Levine.   However, right in the middle of my selfie frenzie and my much needed sing along fest the car window made a loud cracking noise.  I think that it came off … Continue reading My Car Died & I Went To Pizza Heaven (A Date Night To Remember)

So I Think I Can Cook…(Confessions of an Almost Chef)

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Grub Disorder

Today is the day that I showcase to the world my raw talent for culinary magic. Yeah, not so much. Truth be told, I have always been made fun of for my cooking skills. And rightfully so. One time I wanted to bake soft pretzels for my family because I just learned how to in my Home Ec class. Well, long story short I added four cups of yeast when I was supposed to only add 4 teaspoons. The kitchen was a hot mess and my family has never let me live it down.

For a long time I was only known for my skills in sprucing up a jar of Classico for spaghetti. Now, I was right there with my family in making fun of myself for my horrible cooking choices because I have done some pretty gross things, spinach and refried beans, pineapple in marinara sauce, fajita spices…

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