HUNTED: Chapter Twelve

Watson grips the chair and pushes it harshly into the desk behind me, “Do. Not. Play. Games. With. Me. Boy.” He spits out, “I am a kind man but she is like a daughter to me and I see the way you are looking at her.” His bite is sharp and I am left stunned. I watch as he walks away without so much as a glance back in my direction. 

10 Things That Are Surprisingly Painful

Today I have suffered with an infected finger. I have no hangnail it just appears to be swollen and infected. So in the spirit of pain I made a list of 10 happenings that hurt like no other.  Hangnails Stubbing toes on various items Box cuts Slamming you finger into a door Splinter under your … Continue reading 10 Things That Are Surprisingly Painful