HUNTED: Chapter Twelve

Watson grips the chair and pushes it harshly into the desk behind me, “Do. Not. Play. Games. With. Me. Boy.” He spits out, “I am a kind man but she is like a daughter to me and I see the way you are looking at her.” His bite is sharp and I am left stunned. I watch as he walks away without so much as a glance back in my direction. 

This Weeks Top Ten Songs 1.11.15

1) All Our Endless Love: The Bird and The Bee (feat. Matt Berninger) This is a beautiful duet about the surprise, fear, and the emotional up and downs thats love brings. The female vocals are outstanding and paired with the deep tones of Matt is breathtaking! This song is an extremely poetic love story and well worth … Continue reading This Weeks Top Ten Songs 1.11.15