Cooking With Cast Iron

I recently made the decision to start consulting with Pampered Chef. I choose to do this because it was a great way to earn a little extra income, which goes into our savings account for when we move back to Washington. Additionally I choose to start a Pampered Chef business because I love their products … Continue reading Cooking With Cast Iron

The Dark Haze

Has anyone ever been in a complete daze? Surrounded in a darkness you simply cannot control. Maybe if you are like me you get agitated easily. You become someone else entirely. It's completely weird because you can "feel"normal (whatever normal even is) yet in your head, your mind, the brain inside your skull... however you … Continue reading The Dark Haze

Discovering Wonderland (Chapter 10)

“Steven…Steven…” I said giving him a firm shove. 

“Don’t worry it’s way to crowded in here for people to notice.” He said raising the hand that was by my bra line to cup my breast. His lips were below my ear and sucking. 

“Steven! Not here ok?” I said firmer and giving him another push. After what happened last night with Archer all of this suddenly felt so wrong. But it wasn’t like I could tell him I kissed another guy. Not only that but I wasn’t even sure how to feel about anything right now, let alone my relationship with Steven. Archer didn’t want date me. He made that clear. So should I date Steven even though I had stronger feelings for someone else? Someone I could never have? Where did that leave me? I really liked Steven but did that mean I should stay with him and let it play out or did I move on? But move on to who? Honestly, I felt so confused and conflicted.