Cooking With Cast Iron

I recently made the decision to start consulting with Pampered Chef. I choose to do this because it was a great way to earn a little extra income, which goes into our savings account for when we move back to Washington. Additionally I choose to start a Pampered Chef business because I love their products … Continue reading Cooking With Cast Iron

Discovering Wonderland (Chapter 11)

“Don’t tell me you love me,” I finally said. 

“Why not?” He looked hurt.

“Because I am not a good person.” He was on top of me so it was hard to look away from him even though I wanted to.  

“Ophelia Mae Micheals, I love you,” He said anyway.

“I told you not to say that,” tears were in my eyes. 

“You can’t tell me how to feel.” He said kissing the tip of my nose.  

“Those words should be protected and saved for someone you truly love,” A lone tear leaked into my ear. I hated myself more then I ever have at this particular moment. 

New Songs: Beautiful, Sad, & Powerful (Playlist 11.15.15)

Stone Cold: Demi Lovato  Used To Love You: Gwen Stefani  Hello: Adele  Alive: Sia  Wild, Fools, & Talk Me Down:Troye Sivan (watch all three it gives me chills...this guy is pure talent)  She Used To Be Mine: Sara Bareilles (my favorite on this list)  Trouble:Imagine Dragons (Ok, so this has been out for ten months … Continue reading New Songs: Beautiful, Sad, & Powerful (Playlist 11.15.15)