A Walk in Forever

Take the sun and put it into your pocket Run away with the fear Because I can no longer control What’s real anymore Zero below and my heart is frosted over Remembering you is like Running in a golden flower field The center of a Tootsie Pop Remembering you is A walk in forever I … Continue reading A Walk in Forever

The Green Door

Dear Almost Lover & Full Time Friend, There was a time when I let you kiss me. You pulled me out of bed early on a Saturday to celebrate our last day of freedom before the leaves turned crispy and rejected the trees. Before your bedroom moved into your car. Before Berkley and Texas State. … Continue reading The Green Door


Your hands weave through my fingers Like two pieces of a puzzle Softly a whisper comes out of your lips You pull me down I can feel your soul run though me Like sand between my toes Not one word is spoken No noise Just the sound of our heavily beating hearts My eyes close … Continue reading Hush